TRIPS 2024

27 Abril a 4 Maio-4ª Portugal Tour HONDA (PORTUGAL)  This trip is only for Honda Owners8 a 10 Jun - "Gredos Mountain" (SPAIN)   REGISTRATION11 a 24 de Setembro - "Irlanda Tour" (IRELAND)  REGISTRATION11 a 20 Outubro - "Marrocos Tour" (MOROCCO)1 a 3 de Novembro - Picos de Aroche (SPAIN)

IMPORTANT NOTE: More trips can be added at any time


Any trip, regardless of the vehicle used, can be a great adventure.

But when we set off on a motorbike they are guaranteed... Is the adventure!

Driven by the requests of several friends, I will make available to all motorcyclists, regardless of the type of motorcycle, make or model, several trips in which I will show you the best of each region, its history and heritage, its people and traditions and the roads and natural spaces of greater beauty.

My vast experience (see Guide) in organizing and leading various trips and events for motorcyclists (and not only) will be available, with "all-inclusive" packages, so that they just have to enjoy the ride.

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