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Come and discover Portugal, its paths and roads, its welcoming people, its historical and natural wealth, its traditions and culture, its gastronomy and its wines, with Guide, Food and Accommodation included.

You can also choose tailor-made tours and trips, with your motorcycle or renting one.

TOUR PORTUGAL: 8 days of travel, around Portugal, getting to know the best of this country.

ATLANTIC TOUR: 2 days between Aveiro (Portuguese Venice) and Lisbon, traveling along the fantastic coast.

TOUR N2: 5 days, to make the longest road in Portugal (738.5 km), through the different regions it crosses from Chaves to Faro.

ALENTEJO TOUR: 2 days in the Alentejo plains and "Território do Grande Lago" Alqueva (the largest artificial lake in Europe)

DOURO TOUR: 2 days, to enjoy one of the most beautiful regions and roads in Portugal.

TOUR OF THE MOUNTAINS: 2 days, to discover the biggest Portuguese mountain and its "secret places".

CASTLE TOUR: 2 days between historic villages and towns in Beiras, with imposing castles and lots to see and taste.

WEST TOUR: 2 days between vineyards, orchards, mountains and sea, passing through the medieval village of Óbidos


Departing from Portugal, come and discover the most beautiful Spanish regions, its mountains and plains, its most beautiful roads, the small villages and historic cities full of charm, its Natural Parks, its traditions and culture, its gastronomy and wines, with Guide, Food, Accommodation and visits included. You can come with your motorcycle or we will arrange the rental.

TOUR "PEAKS OF EUROPE": (5 or 8 days version) in this magnificent mountain range, with roads, rivers, viewpoints, villages and sublime places. Come and discover how "Cabrales cheese" is made, taste the cider or visit the monastery of Covadonga, the Enol and Ercina lakes.

TOUR GALICIA: 5 days in this fantastic region, for its jagged coast, historic cities like Santiago de Compostela and much more.

TOUR CATALONIA: 8 days with mandatory visit to Barcelona, ​​P.N. from Monserrat, the Dali route, Tossa del Mar, Cardona salt mine, the volcanic area of ​​Olot and the fantastic Catalan coast, bathed by the Mediterranean.

ANDALUCIA TOUR: 8 days touring and visiting Seville, Granada, Cordoba, the world heritage cities of Ubeda and Baeza, traveling along coastal roads and beaches such as Marbella and Fuengirola or the Tabernas desert.

TOUR OF ESTREMADURA: 5 days in this Spanish province, with many reasons of interest. Medieval towns and villages like Trujillo or Guadalupe, cities of Roman origin like Mérida, Monfrague and Tejo Natural Parks and everything so close to Portugal.

TOUR OF THE BASQUE COUNTRY: 9 days between mountain roads and roads cut along the coast, between Spain and France, with visits to Bilbao, San Sebastian, Vitoria, Guernica, Bayonne, Biarritz, the mountain of La Rhune and charming towns and villages.


Departing from Portugal (or not), come and discover some of the most beautiful roads in Europe, in the Pyrenees, Alps, on the French coast of Brittany and Normandy, in the Swiss mountains and valleys, on the Mediterranean coast, in Germany, Croatia, Slovenia, Ireland , etc., etc.

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Come and discover Morocco, with a Portuguese and Moroccan Guide and a support car, for any eventuality.

Africa at your fingertips, with all its exoticism, the desert and the dunes, the ancient culture, the Atlas, the markets, the labyrinthine alleys of Marrakech, but also the great spaces, oasis and welcoming people.

TOUR OF MOROCCO: Departing from Portugal or Spain, 9 days trip to the kingdom of Morocco.

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